Hornby Dublo Reproduction Figures

Painted with lots of pre war detail (buttons) All priced at only 1.45 each including VAT @ standard rate

1 Station master - blue holding white papers


2 Guard - blue holding flag 


3 Ticket collector blue


4 Engine driver blue


5 Porter with bags blue, red and cream bags


5b Porter with bags tan bags


6 Shunter blue holding coupling pole


7 Male passenger with raincoat - medium brown, cream coat


7b Male passenger with raincoat dark brown, cream coat


8 Male passenger with newspaper blue coat, grey trousers


8b Male passenger with newspaper all blue


9 Golfer green, cream golf bag


9b Golfer cream, brown golf bag


10 Lady passenger holding raincoat green, cream coat


10b Lady passenger holding raincoat blue, tan coat


11 Lady passenger walking yellow dress


11b Lady passenger walking mauve dress


11c Lady passenger walking red dress


12 Lady in fur coat greyish green coat


12b Lady in fur coat green coat






4316 Horsebox SR Green plastic doors  Set 2.80
4316 Brown plastic horse 1.45
4316 Tan plastic horse 1.45
4316 Black plastic horse  1.45
4316 White plastic horse  1.45
Crane hook with wire insert 1.60



Tanker wagon top cap


Goods Depot green plastic door  1.80
Buildings green plastic drain pipe short 1 3/4"  Ea 1.10
Buildings green plastic drain pipe long 3 1/4"  Ea 1.20

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last updated 06/06/2022